Klini Sound Wave Chair

Just when you thought that you’ve arrived with a new La-z-Boy chair in your living room, along comes the Klini Sound Wave chair. This special recliner uses sound, vibration as well as guided imagery to invoke a rapid, effortless and deep relaxation – perfect for those who want to maintain whatever health they have left after experiencing a hectic day at the office. Apparently Klini therapy is suppose to help out those suffering from phobias, depression, stress and weight loss among others. Apparently one hour with the Klini Chair is equivalent to eight hours of sleep, but I don’t think I’ll sacrifice the remaining seven hours by sitting at the office desk. Features include three base-mounted stereos, a quartet of base thumper speakers and specially designed chakra alignment tones. The Klini Sound Wave is obscenely expensive at $3,000 upwards.

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