Garmin DC30 GPS Dog Collar

It is a well known fact never to leave your dog unattended whenever you take it out for a walk, but sometimes even the most vigilant of us could lose our concentration during crucial moments, resulting in a pooch who desires to forge its own destiny outside the comforts of its kennel back home. Tracking down a wayward dog can be a pretty tricky thing, what more in a vast city. The Garmin DC30 GPS dog collar (spotted by us at CES07) will definitely provide you with the relevant peace of mind, capable of tracking up to 10 dogs simultaneously. It can last anywhere between 17 and 36 hours on a single charge, and will retail for $199.99 individually or $649.99 as part of an Astro 220 combo. Just make sure Lassie doesn’t venture beyond the 7-mile radius though in order for the DC30 to be effective.

Retrieva GPS Dog Tracking Collar
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