Glympse: A Better Way To Tell Others Where You Are

[Where 2.0] Glympse has launched at Where 2.0. and it uses two simple but powerful concept to share your location in a useful and practical way:

  • It shares your location only for a limited amount of time
  • The recipient does not need a smartphone or create an account

In my opinion, that’s a powerful combination and that’s the way I want things to work. There’s no way that I would share my position 24/7, and I have to go down a couple of menus to turn the sharing on and off in Google Latitude. That’s basically why Latitude does not work (one bit) for me, and I tried, really. Also, having to use iGoogle to see my friends on my desktop PC isn’t great. This seems like a bad way to promote iGoogle.

Glympse has a weakness: it’s available for the G1 only… ouch, my Blackberry hurts. iPhone and Blackberry users will have to wait.

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