Pioneer ACCO-AIW001 Audio System

Pioneer has released their latest in-house audio system known as the ACCO A-IW001 in Hapan, where it comes with a set of speakers that won’t be comfortable anywhere else unless mounted on the ceiling. In addition, the ACCO-AIW001 was specially designed to play nice with iPods, featuring an iPod cradle for that purpose. Users will be able to select their choice of music via the control device, and when they get sick of their iPod’s audio collection, there is always the option to turn to Internet radio. Just in case you were wondering what ACCO stands for, it means Acoustic/Condition, and Pioneer hopes to place this as a lifestyle product in the eyes of consumers. No idea on whether Pioneer will make ACCO available outside of the Land of the Rising Sun, but if it were to be so, chances are it won’t sell like hotcakes due to the $1,400 price point.

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