Aiptek Pico Projectors Target Small Devices

It makes perfect sense for a pico projector to target small hardware, and Aiptek steps up to the challenge with its T20 and T30 pico projectors. The latter is the smaller among the two, targeting iPod and iPhone owners who want to have a larger view compared to those on their displays. Aiptek has even crammed in an RGB LED which is capable of producing a more accurate picture compared to standard white-light LED found in most pico projectors. The images are able to scale up to 50″, depending on the throw distance, and will help in recording courtesy of an AV input. As for the larger T20, this model targets notebooks and relies on USB connectivity to get its signal across. You will need a separate battery for the projector itself, and it has a 640 x 480 resolution with a maximum image size of 42″. Both models are tipped to ship by the end of 2009 for a yet undisclosed price.

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