F1 Showcar Motion Simulator

Love all things F1? You’ve got to be pretty well off to follow the sport to its fullest, flying to various countries around the world just to cheer your favorite team while forking out a small fortune for the relevant merchandise. Well, if you want to bring your love for F1 to the next level and are feeling a little bit flush due to a streak of good luck at Vegas, how about picking up the F1 Showcar Motion Simulator? This motion simulator was specially constructed on a motion platform pneumatic system which is able to hold a 190 cm tall, 90 kg heavy driver without breaking a sweat. You will be planting your rear end within this 2009 full-size F1Showcar chassis and fiberglass composite bodywork, having a Formula 1 shape racing seat with harness and F1 tires to add to the authenticity of the experience. Too bad the $44,990 price quoted for this won’t be able to help you purchase racing skills off the shelf.

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