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Apple Rumored To Be Bidding On The Formula 1 Racing Series
Apple has made many acquisitions in the past, some of which have been surprising. For example no one had expected Apple to acquire Beats, but they did and it seems like it was a pretty smart move considering the rate of growth of Apple Music. Now it looks like they could be making yet another interesting acquisition, and it looks like it could be related to cars.

F1 2016 Screenshots Officially Released
If you weren’t that satisfied with the previous F1 title then there’s good news for you. Codemasters has introduced F1 2016, making note of the fact that this title includes the “most immersive career mode” that it has ever featured in an F1 title. It has released some screenshots of the new game as well though they show a work in progress so don’t be too quick to pass judgements […]

F1 2014 Release Date Confirmed
Codemasters has finally confirmed the F1 2014 release date, many Formula 1 fans like me have been anxiously waiting for the new title. For PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the PC the F1 2014 release has been scheduled for October 17th, 2014. You might be thinking what about next-generation consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? Codemasters has also confirmed that F1 2014 for next-gen consoles won’t be hitting […]

This Awesome Racing Car Simulator Will Cost You $140,000
There are hardcore racing gamers out there who probably bought bucket-type seats along with other racing game peripherals to help make the experience more “realistic”. While we’re sure those accessories and peripherals do help make it a more immersive gaming experience, we’re not sure if it will be able to compete against this racing car simulator which will cost around $140,000 to own (pictured above).So what will you get for […]


Batman's Tumbler vehicle gets reimagined as an F1 racing car
Now it’s safe to assume that as depicted in the movies, Batman’s Tumbler vehicle is not only capable of withstanding massive amounts of abuse, but is pretty quick as well, so what happens if the Tumbler were taken and redesigned as an F1 vehicle? What sort of speeds could we be looking at here? Unfortunately we may never find out, but thanks to KnightVision3D, he has come up with a […]

Augmented Reality Formula 1 car in your home
The Formula 1 season might have just gotten a whole lot more boring with the crowning of the youngest dobule champion ever, but that doesn’t mean interest in the top class motorsport is waning. No sir, you can even bring home some Formula 1 goodness into the living room thanks to ARworks and their Augmented Reality content that was developed for the Junaio AR browser for conVisual, a German mobile […]

Mercedes sponsors bionic hand for F1 fan
Matthew James is like any other hot blooded 14-year old who loves fast cars, and is a huge fan of Formula 1 – save for the fact that he was born without a left hand. Well, the human spirit of ingenuity knows no bounds, and Matthew decidedly sent a rather cheeky letter to Ross Brawn, boss of F1 team Mercedes GP Petronas, where he requested for £35,000 in order to […]

Ferrari 150° Italia steering wheel replica
Feel the need for speed? Forget about old and worn out cliches, the Ferrari 150° Italia steering wheel replica will definitely bring some zest into your living room (or wherever else you want to place this puppy). Why do we say so? After all, this is a 1:1 Scale Full Size 2011 Ferrari 150° Italia steering wheel replica, where only 250 units will be constructed – too bad it isn’t […]

F1 cars could incorporate a fighter jet's canopy in the future
F1 racing has evolved throughout the years in terms of safety, whereby drivers are now encased in a safety shell that protects them from impacts on all sides, with wheels that are tethered to ensure they don’t fly across the track or into the crowd when an accident occurs, and not to forget the rigorous testing each car must go through before being allowed to race.

Batmobile: now hydrogen-powered
Everybody’s going green these days, and it seems that even the caped crusader is too. DC Comics recently commissioned an ex Formula 1 car designer Gordon Murray to come up with a new Batmobile for the Batman Live stage show. The result? An environmental-friendly Batmobile that runs on Hydrogen (if you look past the afterburner that you don’t have to use all the time…)Gordon Murray decided to go for the […]

XCM F-1 converter brings Logitech gaming wheels to your Xbox
Logitech’s G25 and G27 are pretty popular steering wheels and now Xbox 360 console owners will be able to join in on the fun too, thanks to the new F-1 convertor from XCM. The F-1 accessory also offers a built-in combo-attack memory function for fighting games, not to mention rumble support. You can check out a video of the F-1 in action after the jump and hopefully it’ll help bring […]

F1 Showcar Motion Simulator
Love all things F1? You’ve got to be pretty well off to follow the sport to its fullest, flying to various countries around the world just to cheer your favorite team while forking out a small fortune for the relevant merchandise. Well, if you want to bring your love for F1 to the next level and are feeling a little bit flush due to a streak of good luck at […]