F1Apple has made many acquisitions in the past, some of which have been surprising. For example no one had expected Apple to acquire Beats, but they did and it seems like it was a pretty smart move considering the rate of growth of Apple Music. Now it looks like they could be making yet another interesting acquisition, and it looks like it could be related to cars.

According to noted F1 blogger Joe Saward, it seems that he has heard whispers that Apple could be interested in bidding on the Formula 1 (F1) racing series. For those who have been following F1 news and events, you’ve probably heard that the racing series has been looking for a buyer, and now the rumors are saying that Apple could be one of them.

So the question is, if this rumor is true, what would Apple do with F1? More importantly, how does owning F1 benefit the company? It has been speculated that this could be related to Apple’s plans on building their own electric car codenamed Project Titan. The idea is that by owning F1, it would give Apple all the connections and access they need to the automotive world which would no doubt help further their electric car plans.

We have to admit that this sounds like kind of a stretch of the imagination. Apple’s acquisitions so far have typically been small, like companies the average person would never have heard of, so if this is true it would be a very huge deal not just for Apple, but for the automotive world as well. Take it with generous doses of salt for now, but what do you guys think?

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