Retro Mini X Handheld NES System

While the world is reveling in HD graphics as well as new ways of playing video games, there are some of us who would still love to revisit the past, and the Retro Mini X Handheld NES System is a pretty good way to get started. This retro gaming system even comes with a tiny version of the classic NES zapper, apart from a couple of wireless remotes. All you need are original NES carts (that still work) and you’re good to go. Unfortunately, the Zapper won’t be able to function with the integrated LCD screen, and will work only when you hook it up to a CRT-type TV for it to register properly, so don’t throw out that SD TV just yet. Looks like $59.99 well spent, here, although we would’ve liked to see it work with flat panel TVs as well.

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