Beamz Interactive Music System rolls out

[CES 2010] Make some noise everyone! The Beamz Interactive Music System is now available, jumping aboard the music-cum-gaming bandwagon in an interesting sort of way. The ShadowBeamz gives you the opportunity to be an angel as you play something that looks like a mutated harp sans strings – there are three different skill levels to choose from, allowing you to compete against yourself or with others, with your respective high scores as bragging rights. Once you master a song, you will be presented with an even more difficult tune to evolve and improve your skills. All songs for the Beamz and ShadowBeamz game are original. gets users more engaged and elevates their comfort level and proficiency with the Beamz, while adding the competitive spirit of a fun musical game. ShadowBeamz features three different skill levels, so players can compete with themselves or other players, and save and compare their high scores. After mastering a song, you will advance to a harder song until promoted to the next skill level. Future gaming modules being developed for the Beamz will incorporate more complex ways to break the beams and mimic other players. Original songs composed for the Beamz and used in the ShadowBeamz game are composed to always sound harmonious. While ShadowBeamz can be downloaded for free, the Beamz hardware costs $199.95.

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