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15 most popular CES stories
We’ve already published our Best of CES, which is our own take on what was cool at CES, but if we look at the top 15 stories (sorted by views) other themes bubble up: computers and phones are still extremely popular. If you have not looked at them yet, do it now. At CES 2010, the Alienware M11X has been the most viewed item in our CES coverage.

Vizio Razor LED mobile TV range announced
[CES 2010] You know how consumer electronics manufacturers have to come up with something different and new each year to keep the masses satisfied? Well, with 3D being the last frontier (they say that every year concerning whatever new technology that was announced), could we see mobile 3D TVs being the next big thing? Vizio might be walking down that path, but in the meantime we will have to be […]

Mad Catz Eclipse Wireless Touchmouse
[CES 2010] Mad Catz isn’t exactly famous for their mice, but they have certainly done pretty well with the Eclipse Wireless Touchmouse, where your ordinary scroll wheel is no more with an optical touch-cum-scroll surface in place. This enables you to scroll in all four directions, and with a little tweaking, you are able to program it to react to specific gestures. It relies on Bluetooth connectivity to jive with […]

Mad Catz Eclipse Wireless Litetouch keyboard
[CES 2010] Everyone knows that touch-sensitivity is the in thing these days when it comes to consumer electronics, and it is no wonder that CES is held in Vegas with plenty of touching, nay, caressing going on as well at the simultaneously held AVN at the Sands Expo. Well, coming back to CES, we have the Eclipse Wireless Litetouch keyboard that boasts a special three-in-one LCD touchpad which allows you […]


Toshiba E205 laptop on Best Buy
[CES 2010] Toshiba’s next-generation thin and light laptop, the E205, is now available on Best Buy, where it has bragging rights of being the first few laptops out of the door that come with Intel Wireless Display technology. Basically, that means severing physical ties with your HDTV, where you can stream movies and photographs as well as other digital content to your HDTV with a simple button press. This laptop […]

Photosimile 5000 from Ortery Technologies
[CES 2010] Are there any other better ways to improve life at the office? Ortery Technologies certainly thinks so with their Photosimile 5000 – a next-generation imaging device. This would come in handy for us as well when we’re reviewing products, as it offers a PC-controlled desktop photography studio that does not take up too much space at all – in fact, it measures a mere 28″ x 28″ x […]

Phone Halo Protect launched
[CES 2010] Phone Halo has rolled out its Phone Halo Protect that relies on Bluetooth connectivity to work. Tiny Bluetooth-enabled devices are attached to items that you would not wish to forget – and those include keys, briefcases, purses as well as a slew of other valuables. These will in turn communicate with software that run on your smartphone. Since this is Vegas and being a place of chances, Phone […]

MobiValet makes room for your devices
[CES 2010] Described as a “sleek, elegant console-mounted smartphone holder”, the MobiValet could be a hit – assuming that most cars produced for quite a while now already come with enough compartments to store your array of gadgets. This looks pretty handy only if you’re spilling with gizmos and devices from all pockets, but otherwise it is something you shouldn’t waste your time and money on. One advantage this has […]

Intelius DateCheck software
[CES 2010] Now this isn’t a gizmo, but it is an app that runs on compatible mobile devices (which are the iPhone and Android-powered handsets) which allows you to enter a name, cellphone number or email address and it will pull out results from its virtual magician’s hat concerning the person you’re about to go on a date with, as to whether he is a winner or a creep. “Look […]

FastPencil for budding authors
[CES 2010] They say that everyone has a good book in them, but how many of us have actually taken the time to sit down and pen our thoughts? If you have always wanted to write a book but don’t know how to get around it, how about engaging FastPencil’s service? The company leverages on the current trend of e-book readers and social media, offering an unified online service which […]

Rebit SaveMe software and backup drives
[CES 2010] You never know when disaster might strike, and the same holds especially true when it comes to your precious data on your computers and notebooks. Rebit knows this, and has rolled out SaveMe – its new line of backup drives and software. Featuring the exclusive SmartSave Personalization Technology, the software is capable of delivering a complete backup and recovery service, growing and shrinking the amount of historical data […]

i-mate 810-F supertough phone
[CES 2010] We thought that i-mate had called it quits where making rugged cellphones are concerned, but they are back with the 810-F which is a general bad-ass handset, capable of withstanding just about any abuse you throw at it. It complies with military specifications, which makes it shock, water, dust, cold and heat-proof (to a certain degree of course). Heck, we suppose driving your car over this wouldn’t hurt […]

JayBird BlueBuds BB4 Bluetooth earphones
[CES 2010] Bluetooth earphones and headphones seem to have hit a speed bump as there doesn’t seem to be anything that really revolutionizes the industry, as steps are made in extremely small increments. The same can be said for the BlueBuds BB4 from JayBird – while it offers a decent wireless earphone solution that connects to your device via Bluetooth, you might get this only if you’re a first timer […]

Otterbox Tandiem Series
[CES 2010] Today marks the release of the Otterbox Tandiem Series which features a polycarbonate case with over-molding on a single piece. This means it boasts versatility and offers superior protection to the device that it protects. And just which is the lucky beneficiary? Why, the Palm pre, of course! We’re pretty sure it can fit nicely onto the Palm pre plus that was just announced earlier this morning, where […]

Beamz Interactive Music System rolls out
[CES 2010] Make some noise everyone! The Beamz Interactive Music System is now available, jumping aboard the music-cum-gaming bandwagon in an interesting sort of way. The ShadowBeamz gives you the opportunity to be an angel as you play something that looks like a mutated harp sans strings – there are three different skill levels to choose from, allowing you to compete against yourself or with others, with your respective high […]

Doxie scanner makes archiving a snap
[CES 2010] Just before you think that scanners cannot get any more interesting, along comes the Doxie that will be revealed to the masses at ShowStoppers this coming Thursday. What makes Doxie so different from the rest? Well, this scanner is able to scan straight to the cloud, digitizing paper and photos to frequently used web apps including Google Docs, Evernote, Scribd, Backpack, and Flickr. Apart from that, it […]