Concept: iPad Wall for The Library

Concept designs sometimes really just take your breath away, and this concept design that involves multiple iPads certainly looks interesting. The folks over at ClarkeHopkinsClarke architects in Australia have come up with a wall that sports a whole bunch of iPads instead of your usual tiles. In terms of possibilities, it certainly seems endless. You could have a giant jigsaw that you play using multi-touch, an interactive aquarium scene, and even a life sized digital bookcase for your iBooks. While most of us would balk at the idea of using iPads for tiles, the architects remind us that some of the most expensive mosaic tiles on the market today cost over $250 each, so this is just about double that, and you’ll get cutting edge technology as a result. Of course, what isn’t mentioned is the power consumption. In a day and age when we’re trying to go green, having an power consuming electronic wall isn’t going to go down well with many folks. That being said, It’s a really interesting concept, and we’re certainly looking forward to many other folks innovating with Apples iPad.

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