Diddy Beats arrive at CES

[CES 2010] Sean “Diddy” Combs isn’t satisfied enough to create an economic empire around his name, and has now entered the consumer electronics industry with his pair of Diddy Beats headphones in partnership with Monster. Each purchase will make Sean Combs $149 richer as he lives it out, while you propogate his brand to the masses. Apart from looking good, the Diddy Beats in-ear headphones ain’t too shabby a performer as it comes with a high-tech aluminum and leather-wrapped housing and high-polished enamel. We don’t suppose that future Diddy record releases will come with an added note at the bottom, “Sounds better when listened to with the Diddy Beats headphones.” Apart from that, the Diddy Beats come with Monster’s ControlTalk headphone cable that allows you to manipulate iPhones and iPods for music playback as well.

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