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Honda And GM Team Up To Produce Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Two of the biggest car manufacturers on the planet today announced a new joint venture which will see them manufacture hydrogen fuel cells at scale. They’re planning to start mass production of hydrogen fuel cells by 2020 and are going to invest a combined sum of $85 million split evenly between Honda and General Motors. The companies are going to use the hydrogen fuel cell systems that they create in […]

New Fuel Cell Technology Offers Longer Lasting Batteries
The modern day smartphone might come with its fair share of bells and whistles, but then again, it falls short in terms of battery life as opposed to the old school Nokias which were able to last the distance – up to 5 days of use before requiring a trip to the charging station. Well, that is the trade-off with which we should pay if we want to enjoy modern […]

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Car Goes On Sale
It was back at the Los Angeles Auto 2015 that Honda showcased the Clarity, it’s new fuel cell sedan, and earlier this year the company confirmed that the Clarity will be sold through selected dealers in the United States. If you’re of those people who are excited about the future of transportation and open to the idea of owning a fuel cell car then you’d be interested to find out […]

EasyJet Will Start Testing Hybrid Planes This Year
Budget airlines are able to offer competitive rates because their main focus is on cutting costs. Limiting baggage allowance and stuffing in as many seats as possible in a plane allow them to operate with thin margins and cater to the crowd that’s okay with the experience associated with budget airlines. One of Europe’s biggest budget airlines is easyJet and it’s going to start testing hybrid plane technology to save […]


Honda's Fuel Cell Car Will Be Available This Year
Even though electric cars get touted as brilliant and highly eco-friendly the fact remains that there are other eco-friendly options when it comes to cars of the future, fuel cell cars being one of them, but they’re not as popular as electric cars. Some of the world’s biggest car manufacturers are working on fuel cell cars, Honda is one, and it has confirmed that its Clarity hydrogen fuel cell sedan […]

JAQ Portable Fuel Cell Charger
We are all about going green these days, as the world is fast running out of resources to cater to the greed of humanity. With more and more devices being used each day, power can be an issue – and to gain energy from sustainable or green sources is always a plus point in any books, which is why the JAQ portable fuel cell charger is an interesting proposition that […]

Hy-Cycle Fuel Cell Bicycles From Australia
Now here is an idea that does make an appearance from time to time – that of fuel cell bicycles. The entire process to churn out such two wheelers that are practical is definitely not an easy one, otherwise we would have long seen the market flooded with such rides – not to mention to procure a little bit of hydrogen along the way. The latest iteration of the fuel […]

ROHM Solid Hydrogen Source Fuel Cell
[CEATEC 2013] Is the world suffering from a shortage in energy? It really depends on where you are living at the moment, and one of the major drawbacks that many of us face these days in the use of our gadgets happen to be the battery life – or rather, the lack of it. ROHM has come up with what they deem to be a revolutionary power generation system that […]

Ford, Nissan, And Daimler To Work Of Fuel Cell Car
It has been said for a fair number of times that hydrogen fuel cell-powered cars could very well be the future of the automobile (and not flying cars, although that would definitely be a highly desirable mode of transport), and Ford, Nissan, and Daimler firmly believe in that vision. In fact, it is said that all three of them have committed to one another to roll out an affordable fuel […]

Apple's fuel cell facility officially approved by the North Carolina Utilities Commission
This year’s spring appears to be greener over at Apple’s data center in North Carolina. That’s because the North Carolina Utilities Commission has approved Apple’s plan to construct and operate a 4.8-megawatt fuel cell facility at the data center, providing green power for at least a portion of the electricity needs of the huge location. If you can still recall, we  already told you about Apple’s plan to build the […]

Pocket friendly fuel cell charger could power the future
When it comes to today’s modern devices, one of the main drawbacks would be the lack of battery power – after all, how many of us have experienced the sinking feeling in realizing that we have forgotten to recharge our smartphones the night before, only to be greeted by a blinking red battery bar the next morning just as we are about to take off for work? Well, Massachusetts-based Lilliputian […]

Fuel cells to power Apple's data center?
Now this is an interesting bit of news – word on the street has it that Apple has plans to develop a huge fuel cell facility located in North Carolina, where its main purpose would be to deliver enough juice for the data center that powers iCloud, Apple’s cloud initiative for the millions and millions of iOS-powered mobile devices. Just how was this particular plan discovered? Well, Apple did file […]

Hydrogen fuel cells run off sewage
The next time you peer into the local sewers (no idea on the reason behind you doing so though), you might just stumble upon some turtles that know kung-fu – or your eyes might end up looking at what could very well power hydrogen fuel cells in the future. That’s what has been happening at the Orange County sewage treatment plant, where hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles are able to be […]

Ene-Farm home fuel cell in Japan
Tokyo Gas and Panasonic have joined forces to develop a new model of the “Ene-Farm” home fuel cell, where it will generate electricity for your personal use via a chemical reaction between oxygen in the atmosphere and hydrogen extracted from city gas, with heat being the byproduct of this process which can be channeled for heating your interior as well as providing you with a constant stream of hot water […]