Motorola Blackflip, first impressions

Yesterday I played a little with the Motorola Backflip. It’s not enough to write a meaningful review, but I did write a review of the Motorola Cliq, so here’s my first impression: This is a very close cousin of the Cliq. They share the same hardware platform, and whatever software updates the Backflip is getting, the Cliq will get too (in time). The design is what separate the two. The Backflip has a slicker design in my opinion and it looks smaller although it’s almost the same size. It feels lighter and I think that it is, although we should look at the specifications. The backflip has two major differences: it’s not a slider, so the QWERTY keyboard keys are significantly larger, although flatter too. At the back of the phone, there’s also a touch surface that allows one to click and scroll without touching the screen, and without having a finger in the way. Both phones will continue to co-exist, but I think that the Backflip will go to a different carrier (the Cliq is sold by T-Mobile in the US). In short: for the software side, just read my Cliq review, it’s close enough. For the user experience, you’ll have to wait.

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