AT&T Ditches Google For Yahoo On Its Motorola Backflip

No matter how you phrase it, you’ve really got to appreciate the irony of the whole situation. This is probably one of the downsides of having an open OS, as the Motorola Backflip offered by AT&T will have Yahoo Search plastered all over the phone. The home screen widget has been replaced by a Yahoo version, and almost any search you perform via the phone will be using Yahoo to churn out the results, and considering that Google is the one who came up with the Android OS that powers this phone, it certainly does seem a little weird. Of course, AT&T hasn’t done anything wrong here, especially since the OS is open, and the carrier is free to customize it, though that certainly isn’t going to stop users from having a little laugh at the irony of the whole situation, right? Do you have any complaints about this move, or will any search engine do the trick for you?

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