MSI jumps aboard tablet bandwagon

MSI is also ready to tackle the tablet market with word on a new 10″ tablet that will run on an NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset. What does this mean for the casual user? We’re talking about a generally low power device which translates to a decent battery life even when multi-tasking (Internet surfing, MP3 playing in the background, etc) on the device. DigiTimes claims that the MSI tablet will arrive at selected markets sometime in the second half of the year, residing in the $500 price point region which would more or less pit it against the most basic iPad model. It will run on Google’s Android operating system, and a confirmed specification would be it being able to run full HD video at 1080p resolution. Hopefully issues like storage, memory and wireless connectivity options will be at least on par with the iPad if it were to stand a chance in the growing tablet market.

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