Sharp introduces Quad-Pixel HDTVs

[CES 2010] Sharp has introduced HDTVs with 4-element pixels in a bid to radically improve color rendering. Most Ts have 3-elements pixels (red, green, blue), but Sharp has red, green, blue and yellow. It’s a bit the same idea found in color inkjet printers. While most colors are composed, it helps to have variants of the primary colors handy. The more variants you have and the more accurate the final compositing is. It’s a gross description, but that’s basically what’s happening. How does it look? Well… to be honest it wasn’t really ground-breaking and if I had not pay attention at the specifications, I might have missed it. It’s an interesting approach, but we’ll need to see better samples than the over-saturated demos at CES. This is probably the worst environment toevaluate image quality.

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