ESPN Game Changer Universal Remote Control 2 Pack

Are you a sports addict that flicks between channels all day long? If you think your remote isn’t keeping pace with the rate you’re flicking between channels, the ESPN Game Changer Universal Remote Control might be able to help you out. Featuring dedicated ESPN buttons (ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU); you’ll be able to quickly switch between sports channels to keep in touch with all the games that are running simultaneously. If you want to keep switching between a non-sports channel, you’re still covered, as the buttons are programmable, so you won’t miss whatever reality show you’re addicted to at the moment. The best part is, it won’t set you back $300 like the Ultimate Remote, rather you’ll be able to pick up two of these remotes for just $8 (plus $5 for shipping). Doesn’t seem like an expensive decision to make, does it? Especially since Amazon is selling it for $24.99 each.

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