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Disney Unveils Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+ Bundle For $12.99
Disney+ is expected to launch later this year where it will be priced starting at $6.99 a month. The service is expected to be extremely competitive given the strong franchises under Disney’s belt, but given how established other services such as Netflix is, it could still prove to be a hard sell.

Disney Might Offer A Discounted Bundle For Disney+, EPSN+, Hulu
There is no word on how much Disney’s upcoming streaming service, Disney+, could cost at launch. However, we imagine that in a bid to stay competitive, Disney will probably not deviate too far from how much current services charge, but that’s just speculation on our part since there are no official details yet.

ESPN+ Arrives On PS4 And Xbox One
A new update has been released for the ESPN app on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One which will enable console owners to subscribe to ESPN+ from the app. They will then be able to immediately watch additional live sports events, original shows, and series through the app. They will be able to access the entire 30 for 30 documentary series and more as well.

ESPN+ Will Broadcast League Of Legends Competitions Live
ESPN recently launched its sports streaming service called ESPN+ and among other things, it will begin streaming exclusive UFC fights next year. The company has now announced that it’s adding e-sports to the mix as well. It’s going to start broadcasting several League of Legends championships live from this summer. The LoL esports competitions will be available on ESPN+ as part of a new multi-year agreement that the company has […]


ESPN+ To Stream Exclusive UFC Fights In 2019
Disney first announced its ESPN+ sports live streaming service a few months ago and finally launched it in April. Subscribers can get access to more than 10,000 live sporting events through the service and starting next year, they will also be able to stream exclusive UFC fights through ESPN+. The UFC content on the service will also include pre- and post-event shows.

Twitter Gets Live ESPN Shows In New Deal
Twitter is adding more content to its streaming lineup today with the announcement of a new deal that it has inked with Disney. Both companies have struck a deal that’s going to bring a variety of live shows to the microblogging network. The deal covers content from across the entire Disney portfolio, including ESPN. As part of this deal, Twitter and ESPN will launch specific live shows in the coming […]

Disney's ESPN+ Sports Streaming Service Goes Live
Disney is the latest traditional media company to embrace the future of entertainment. It had announced its ESPN+ sports live streaming service several months ago and today is the day that you can finally sign up for the service. ESPN+ is now live and it’s the first digital streaming service from Disney as it looks to become a major player in the online video streaming arena.

ESPN Plus Streaming Service Announced, Will Cost $4.99 A Month
When it comes to video streaming on platforms like Netflix or Hulu, for the most part the shows streamed are typically movies, TV shows, drama, documentaries, cartoons, and so on. However if you’re a bit of a sports fanatic and would love to see sports streams, then ESPN Plus could be a service worth checking out.

ESPN's First Take Show Adapted For Facebook
Facebook is working hard to add exclusive media content to its Watch tab but it hasn’t been able to win over the big broadcasters completely just yet. It has scored a touchdown today, so to speak, as ESPN has announced that it’s adapting its popular First Take sports show for Facebook. ESPN is calling it First Take: Your Take, it’s an episodic digital show that will be driven by fan […]

ESPN Lands Mobile Streaming Rights For Monday Night Football
If you love football and just can’t get enough of it, you might have been pretty pleased when it was reported that NBC gained the rights to stream Sunday Night Football on mobile devices starting next year. This means that sports fans on the go will still be able to enjoy the game, but that’s not all.

ESPN SportsCenter On Snapchat Brings New Shows Twice A Day
The way people watch video now is very different from back in the day. The younger generation is particularly difficult to tap through conventional TV services as they prefer viewing content on mobile devices. No wonder networks have started creating original programming for platforms like Facebook and Snapchat. ESPN has seen the writing on the wall as well so it has launched SportsCenter on Snapchat.

New ESPN Plus Streaming Service Launch Confirmed For Spring 2018
ESPN will soon be launching a new direct to consumer streaming service called ESPN Plus. Disney CEO Bob Iger mentioned the service in the company’s Q3 2017 earnings call. The announcement was made following another disappointing quarter for the sports network as programming costs rise and advertising revenue goes down.

Standalone ESPN Streaming Service Launches Next Year
Disney is going to make it much easier to catch up with your favorite sporting events on ESPN. The company has confirmed that it’s going to launch a standalone ESPN streaming service. The new service is due to go live next year. Disney is series about moving into consumer streaming and for that purpose it has bought a majority ownership in BAMTech for $1.58 billion. BAMTech is a consumer streaming […]

New ESPN Apple TV App Features Live Streaming Auto-Play
ESPN today announced that it’s sending out a new update for its WatchESPN Apple TV app that brings a couple of new features. For the first time ever, the app comes with live streaming Auto-Play as well as ESPN Video on Demand. The idea with this app update appears to be to bridge the gap between online TV streaming and conventional broadcasts.