WorkSnug: free WIFI hotspots, thanks to augmented reality?

[ShowStoppers at MWC] Although augmented reality is currently mostly hype, one has to admit that the demos are pretty cool, even when they are simple. WorkSnug is another example of app that claims to be using augmented reality to help you find your way around here to free WIFI hotspots. If you don’t like to wander around looking at the screen like a bizarre filter, you can switch to a 2D map mode. It’s true that moving the phone around and seeing information on top of live video is cool, but that doesn’t really make this an “augmented reality” app. For one, the app doesn’t rely on what it sees. Instead, it knows where you are, thanks to GPS. From there it uses a compass to know in which direction you are looking at and displays the data accordingly. I like the genuine value of the app, and I hope that the database is accurate, but I also think that the 2D Map view is much more efficient to telling where the hotspot is. With WorkSnug, it is possible to publish a review on the spot to praise or complain about a hotspot – that’s crowdsourcing at work!

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