JETprotect CS300K Long Range Counter Surveillance Camera

In the battlefield, snipers are certainly something that should have you worried, as they’re normally detectable after they’ve fired the first shot (which probably took you out). With JETprotect’s CS300K Long Range Counter Surveillance Camera, you might just have a fighting chance. The camera uses the same “red eye” effect of from camera flashes to project it hundreds of meters, allowing it to identify binoculars, sniper scopes, cameras and even human eyeballs that are staring at you, making it a very useful machine to detect whether you’re being watched or targeted, before you get shot. The CS300K comes withan Application Programming Interface (API), as well as a Software Developers Kit (SDK) to help integrate third-party products. The company’s initial market for the CS300K will (obviously) be the military and security companies that are tasked with protecting valuable goods.

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