Steve Woz To Purchase 3 iPads

What do you think the co-founder of Apple thinks about the iPad? While you might not be able to set up an interview with him, we do know that he will be getting in line on Friday night to queue up for the iPad, and he’s ordered three, two for him, and one for a friend. Of the two he’s purchasing, one will be the Wi-Fi version, and the other will be the 3G version. Apparently he wasn’t sold on the iPad initially, but the extra real estate on the iPad probably changed his mind. On a side note, he claims that he’s solved the issue of multitasking on the iPhone, as well as the battery life issue, by carrying around 2 iPhones. So if he needs to multitask, he just uses the other iPhone, and if the battery runs out on one, he has the other. It’s a funny (but interesting) way to work around the problem, isn’t it?

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