Toshiba Announces 750GB Slim Notebook Hard Drive

Toshiba moved a happy little step forward in terms of hard drive development, as the company has just announced the MK7559GSXP, a 2.5-inch drive that is the first to offer 750GB in a hard drive that measures in at just 9.5mm tall. The height of this drive will make it ideal for smaller form factor notebooks which are continuously trying to skimp on physical space. Aside from the increased space, the drive also consumes 14 percent less power than the 640GB hard drive that it’s replacing. It spins at just 5,400RPM, but the high density, two-platter design still makes it an attractive offer.

Aside from that, the company also is rolling out its MKxx59GSM line, which offers 750GB and 1TB drives, but in taller three-platter 12.5mm high form factors, suitable for desktop replacement notebooks.

These drives should enter mass production after April, after they have been sampled for system builders.

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