Mysterious Flash Drive Sent To Gaming Companies

A mysterious USB flash drive was being sent out to gaming companies today, appearing to contain some kind of encrypted message. Obviously it’s a publicity stunt of some sort, but everybody loves mysteries, right? The person on the audio file seems to read out “MOD ZZZ JNQRYD3FRP“ and the words “Cryptography, Isotope, Philanthropy, Hydrogen, Ember, Rebirth” were also available on a document. In the end, it was discovered that it was a Caesar cipher, and by shifting three letters, you get the url “wwwgknova6com”, which obviously references the link, which takes you to a site with a weird TV set. After much detective work, the next hint seemed to be “April Week Two”. It’s most likely hinting of some upcoming game, but it looks like we’ll have to keep an eye on this and see what it turns out to be. Are you fond of detective work?

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