We did check out the re-engineered Windows 8 boot experience that had a much nicer way of accessing your BIOS instead of using boring old text, and it is nice to know that Microsoft too, might be pushing for a wider adoption of Windows 8 by introducing a flash drive bootable OS option. Known as Windows To Go (for the moment anyways), it remains to be seen whether this is just one of the many possible iterations of Windows 8 that will be introduced, or is it just a licensed transparent option for business users?

While bootable operating systems are not a new idea, and neither is booting up Windows from a USB flash drive, at least what we could be facing here would be a legal and officially supported version. Microsoft must clearly be working to position themselves as a viable option when it comes to virtual desktop and thin client systems that are starting to climb in popularity stakes.

After all, plenty of power users currently run virtual laptops off of USB drives, so this does seem to be a step in the right direction by Microsoft. What do you think?

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