Mira EV surpasses 1000km mark, breaks own record

Battery life is still one of the biggest issues that plague and prevent electric vehicles from becoming mainstream, since it is more often than not extremely limited in its capacity. Well, good thing there is this thing called progress, as the Japan Electric Vehicle Club managed to coax a Mira EV that has been specially customized to run for a whopping 1,003.184 kilometers without a recharge. This is no mean feat, as it more or less doubled its previous record achieved last month that drove 555.6km (345 miles) from Tokyo to Osaka on a single charge. This new record was achieved by driving the car at a driving course in Shimotsuma, Japan, which is apparently the world’s longest. Thanks to a Sanyo lithium-ion battery running within, the car went on for around 27.5 hours at around 40km/h on average. Obviously, this is an achievement not to be sneezed at but we’re waiting for the day when such mileage is achieved with a full load of luggage and four passengers inside.


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