Iomega Skin Hard Drives launched

Iomega has rolled out a trio of different 500GB portable hard drives under the Skin brand, boasting special designs and colors that will definitely cause wide open mouths among the older generation for bold and at times, provocative designs. All three models will be powered via USB 2.0, although we would have liked to see it support the USB 3.0 standard that will inevitably become the new standard in due time. First of all would be the “Radical” Skin Hard Drive model that features a retro Skin-branded printed logo design on a black top with a vibrant yellow base, creating a look that stands apart from any other portable hard drive. As for the “Red Hot” Skin Hard Drive model, it will come with a “Skin” Swipe logo printing on a red top with a black base, creating a definition of hip and hot for today’s young iconoclastic computer user. Last but not least would be the “Knock Out” Skin Hard Drive model that features a dark, mysterious aura with a “Skin” Gothic logo design on a silver top with a black base. They not only look good, but will do their part in keeping your data within safe from drops, courtesy of Iomega’s Drop Guard protection that can prevent data loss from accidental drops of up to 51″ on to industrial carpet, which is 40% better than the industry average. They are now available for r $119.99 a pop, making their way across the pond to our European brethren from July onwards. [Press Release]

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