Iomega EZ Media & Backup Center

[CES 2012] As the EZ Media name suggests, the Iomega EZ Media & Backup Center is for those who want a hefty storage size (up to 3TB) and functions like media streaming, without the setup headaches (in theory, we haven’t tried it yet). On the paper, the Iomega EZ Media has pretty much all the functions that one may want from a home networked storage server (including bit-torrent). Just like other Iomega network attached storage (NAS), it is proficient at file storage and backups. On PC, Iomega provides Quickprotect, a file-level backup, and on Mac, the EZ Media & Back Center simply connects to Time Machine for a full system backup. This unit also has an iTunes server and is compatible with DLNA, so most (multi) streaming options should be covered. Among the new features, the EZ Media & Backup center is capable of automatically posting files to Facebook, YouTube or Flickr, which may be a great idea because it’s really scary when people think of Facebook as a “backup” (often without realizing that photos may be significantly shrunk/compressed).

The Iomega EZ Media & Backup Center is a single-drive unit, and can be loaded with up to 3TB  of storage today. It will be available in February in 1, 2 or 3TB configurations.

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