Iomega StorCenter ix2

[CES 2012] The Iomega StorCenter ix2 is being updated at CES 2012. Like the previous version, it is a very complete multi-drive system that can be primarily used as a network storage and backup system, but it does much more than that. Let’s pull back, and start by the new external design: Iomega has a new design that uses brushed metal and matte colors, which makes the unit look very solid and “high-quality. Secondly, the design is optimized for low-decibels, so it uses a very slow fan (as low as 500rpm) to cool the unit. Also, power efficiency remains a priority, and at peak load, the unit should stay under 20W we’ve been told.Iomega StorCenter ix2 In terms of backups, the Iomega StorCenter ix2 is compatible with both Mac and PC. On Mac, it connects to Apple’s Time Machine and it is pretty much like a USB drive from that point of view. On PC, a backup software called QuickProtect will be installed, and will backup the regular “user” folders in Windows. Obviously, you can change the settings, but it should work for most users. Note that while Time Machine can restore the full system (OS+data), QuickProtect focuses on file backups, not full-system backup.

Interestingly, the Iomega StorCenter ix2 can be setup as a video surveillance HUB. Iomega has been working with leading camera vendors (Axis, Panasonic, Bosch…) to get them to use Iomega’s API and web interface to view, and setup the camera. Because of that, the StorCenter ix2 does not just “store” the video streams: it is possible to log into the iX2 to see a live view of one of the cameras. Also, the box plays nice with a heterogeneous group of cameras, which is great because each can have a particular strength (night vision, outdoors, wide angle…).

The Iomega StorCenter ix2 can do many more things (remote and mobile access…), but these are the main takeaway points that we think you should know. The Iomega StorCenter ix2 can come in different configurations: 1, 2, 4, 6 Terabytes, or disk-less.

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