Novo Colored Glaze nettop looking good

Novo of China has come up with a Colored Glaze nettop which will certainly stand out from its rivals in terms of design, boasting a clear (or tinted if that’s your cup of tea) chunk of plastic up at the front, giving it a much more aesthetically pleasing view compared to the standard desktop design. Make no mistake about it, this is purely decorative and does not have any actual purpose, but it does spruce up your living room (or wherever else you place it) by quite a bit. Depending on your taste, you can opt for Windows XP or Windows 7 as the operating system of choice, while the Colored Glaze nettop can also sport up to 4GB RAM and a 500GB hard drive. This would make for a suitable HTPC since it has an NVIDA GeForce 9400M graphics processor running within, letting you watch 1080p video without missing a beat over a HDTV thanks to its HDMI output, although there is also an option to hook it up to an external monitor via VGA. Audio is transported over an SPDIF output. No idea on pricing, but if the final sticker price is right, it should make for a decent addition to any living room.

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