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CES 2012 expected to introduce 30-50 new ultrabooks
We know that Intel is pushing hard for manufacturers to start rolling out ultrabooks, hoping that ultrabooks will become the new standard of notebooks that will be fast, thin, portable and ultimately emulate what Apple has managed to achieved with the MacBook Air. Well the good news is that if you’re shopping around for an ultrabook, come CES 2012 you will have more than enough options to choose from.

Analysts believe an Amazon Android smartphone is in the works
We know that Amazon has several Android tablets planned. They recently released the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet and they have larger models in the works, but if Citigroup’s analysts Mark Mahaney and Kevin Chang are correct, we could be looking at a release of an Amazon Android smartphone by the Christmas of 2012.

iOS 5 to reach Golden Master status by end of September?
Earlier today we reported that according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who told AppleInsider, it seems that the iPhone 5 will be sporting a design closely resembling the iPhone 4 along with 512MB of RAM. Now it seems that Ming-Chi Kuo has told AppleInsider another juicy piece of information regarding the release of iOS 5.

Another purported iPhone 5 spotted in China
There are so many conflicting rumors and reports on how the iPhone 5 is going to look like, that it’s starting to get difficult to sort out somewhat credible reports from the outright rumors. As it stands (and a quick recap), the rumors are now saying that the next-generation iPhone will either resemble the iPhone 4 with some slight changes in design, or it will be a completely redesigned phone.


HTC Rezound receives DLNA certification
With HTC forming a partnership with Beats to integrate their audio technology (and accessories) with their mobile devices, it’s not a surprising move that the handset manufacturer has plans to put out devices that have been designed for music aficionados in mind.

Deutsche Telekom starts taking pre-orders for iPhone 5
Rumors of the iPhone 5 launching in October are starting to get serious. Originally rumored for a September, it seems that October is looking more and more likely. Earlier today we reported that a Best Buy leak suggested a 21st of October release, and now it looks like Deutsche Telekom is also thinking along the same lines.

@GalaxySsupport tweet suggests Droid/Nexus Prime coming soon?
Many were surprised when Verizon announced that they would not be carrying the much-awaited and highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S II Android smartphone. It was an odd move given how the three other major carriers – Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile were rushing to bring it in. Then it was leaked that Verizon had another Samsung device in mind, the Samsung Droid Prime.

Sprint event in October to be about LTE?
With Sprint and LightSquared’s recent partnership, it’s without doubt that Sprint eventually plans to introduce 4G LTE network coverage, with speeds that would trump their current 4G WiMAX offerings. With Verizon already rolling out more LTE coverage and with AT&T following behind, and given that Sprint would be in a precarious position should the AT&T and T-Mobile acquisition go through, they would need something better than WiMAX if they hope […]

Whatsapp job posting could hint at possible Windows Phone 7 version
It wasn’t too long ago that Blackberry devices reigned supreme not only with enterprise users but also teens who probably enjoyed the novelty of scanning QR codes of another friend’s Blackberry to add them to their contacts. They also probably enjoyed being able to text each other for free over BBM. Parents were probably relieved to see the phone bills for texting drop drastically as well. At that time having […]

HP TouchPad and Pre 3 pricing speculated by Playboy
Yes, make no mistake about it, Playboy editors too have an interest in silicone of a different type, as the gentlemen’s magazine have recently published speculative prices on the HP TouchPad tablet and HP Pre 3 smartphone. Those two webOS-powered devices do seem to be in line with the rest of the industry, with the Pre 3 being touted to go for $200 with a 2-year contract, while the HP […]

Thunderbolt MacBook Air production rumored to begin next month
After a highly successful first run of the ultra-light notebook that was introduced in October last year, it looks like Apple is ready to begin replacing them. According to reports and speculations, Apple will begin production of the next generation MacBook Air notebooks next month. Beginning this year, shipments of the MacBook Air notebooks have been slowly declining, and dropping even more when Apple introduced the new MacBook Pro notebooks. […]

Nintendo Wii 2 launching this spring?
Now we all know that Nintendo won’t be releasing any in-house developed games this spring, but what does it all mean? In an interesting analysis posted up on Kotaku, Nintendo’s drought of games might actually be the opposite of their developers taking a well-deserved break from pumping out new games for their current consoles (3DS, DS, and Wii). According to the data of Nintendo’s game release history for the past […]

White iPhone 4 to arrive in April, says analyst
How much more money can Apple milk out of their iPhone 4? A lot more, apparently. According to reports online, an analyst claims that Apple will be releasing the fabled white iPhone 4 sometime next month. Apple has supposedly made changes to the “film material” used on the inside of the outer-casing that caused laminating issues with the white models. First it was stories about the camera not working properly, […]

Speculation: Could We See An Xbox Gaming Tablet In The Future?
Could we possibly see an Xbox 360 tablet in the future? Comments from Epic Games’ Vice President, Mark Rein, has led to speculation that we might just see such a device in the future. In case you missed it, Epic Games is the developer of the popular Unreal Engine, and has recently announced the imminent arrival of the Unreal Engine 3 for the iPad. He envisions a future of an […]