BookLiberator Helps You Digitize Your Library

If you ever decided that you needed to digitize your books, you’ll probably figure out that it’s quite a painstaking process, and if you had some tools to help you along, your life would probably be a lot more enjoyable. Enter the BookLiberator frame, which should help make you get the job done a lot faster, though it it’s not automated, so you’ll still need to be actively involved in the whole process. The design calls for a frame where you can mount the cameras, and keep the pages for the book pressed down while you hit the shutter button, getting the scans that you want. The BookLiberator kits should be going on sale soon for $120, though you’ll need to fork out an additional $80 if you want the cameras too. If you’re confident about your DIY skills, the instructions are available online for you to experiment with. Check out a video of this in action after the jump.

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