Google Donates $1 Million To Assist Libraries In Getting Connected

It looks like Google intends to have everyone get connected to the Internet, with the company having donated $1 million to assist libraries that are located in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens to offer Sprint-powered hotspot devices so that qualifying families will be able to jump aboard the online bandwagon. Not only that, Google’s generosity has also extended to cater for another free 500 Chromebooks given to teenagers who are enrolled […]

UK Web Archive Is Now Live

Well, well, what do we have here? Apparently, a major archive of British websites is now live and kicking, but it has yet to be online. This particular project can be accessed only in person assuming you plant your backside in one of the British Isles’ six biggest libraries, where there will be corresponding terminals in those libraries to help you out. This particular effort is made possible after 10 […]

Hamlet Filtered At Library For Containing “Violent Content”

Do you think that computers are getting way too smart for us these days? After all, a man who was at the the British Library recently tried to access the library’s Wi-Fi network, but he was denied access when he tried to check out an online version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet for one very basic reason – the text within contained “violent content”, or at least according to the filter. Author […]

D.C. Library Offers 3D Printing Services

Is it me, or is the world of commercial 3D printing picking up the popularity stakes among the masses? After all, we did read that select UPS Stores will be offering 3D printing services, and a certain 3Dörtgen happens to be the first 3D printer store in Turkey for the general public to get their 3D printing kicks in.


NFC Tagged Library Adds New Ability To Smartphones

A library in Japan gets NFC tags for easier book searches.

British Library To Digitally Archive The Nation’s Memory

From tomorrow onwards, six of the biggest libraries in Britain would be working hand in hand in a mammoth effort that will see them create the UK’s official digital repository, which means that all half dozen of them have the onus of receiving just about a copy of every single book, newspaper and magazine that has been published in the UK to date. The only way to get this done […]

San Antonio Poised To Launch First Bookless Public Library

The world is going completely digital, and Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff is walking into that direction as well. Being the bookworm that he is with over 1,000 first editions in his private collection, Wolff plans to create a new countywide library system that is entirely bookless. Yes, Wolff is on a mission to establish the country’s first bookless public library, and he wants to call it “BiblioTech.” Apparently Wolff […]

Library eBooks for Kindle now live

It was only yesterday that we reported that the Library eBooks for Kindle was available for folks living in Seattle, well starting today, the service goes live nationwide. According to a press release from Amazon this morning, Kindle Books are now available for borrowing from over 11,000 local libraries in the US. Starting today, the public can borrow books from their libraries without having to set foot outside of the […]

Library eBook for Kindle undergoes testing

Announced way back in April, Kindle’s eBook lending service is now live – at least for folks living in Seattle. There have been reports of users noticing the appearance of the Kindle download option on the sites of two library systems – the Seattle Public Library and the King County Library System. And some of them have even reported successfully using the new download option to get books from the […]

Apple Experience Center in Peking University not well received

Apple has their fair share of fans and detractors, although at the Peking University, China, it’s starting to look like Apple will be facing more detractors than fans with their latest installation of an Apple Experience Center.

Human library loans people instead of books

This idea is clearly radical, don’t you think so? It reminds me somewhat of the Bicycle Library that we looked at recently, and it seems that those living in Surrey, B.C., might be able to borrow humans as “living books”. Yes sir, this new library that cost $36 million to construct, where it is known as the Surrey City Centre library, will open its doors to the public later this […]

Bicycle Library lets you ride a bike home

When you mention the word “library”, what comes across your mind? For most of us, it would be tome after tome of delectable books, waiting to kick start your imagination in ways you never thought possible – especially after weaning yourself off those video games. What happens when you cross bicycles with a library? Why, you get the Bicycle Library, of course.

Mechanized library – could librarians end up to be redundant?

Will robots replace humans one of these days at the office? After all, they’re already doing a spiffy job at factories, especially at the assembly line, with robots and machines being far more efficient than humans. But when you are talking about jobs such as being a librarian, will a robot be able to fill in such shoes? Let us take a look at the University of Chicago who invested […]

BookLiberator Helps You Digitize Your Library

If you ever decided that you needed to digitize your books, you’ll probably figure out that it’s quite a painstaking process, and if you had some tools to help you along, your life would probably be a lot more enjoyable. Enter the BookLiberator frame, which should help make you get the job done a lot faster, though it it’s not automated, so you’ll still need to be actively involved in […]