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Digital Mirror Changes Your Expression To Look Happier In Real-Time
Getting someone to smile for a photo when they’re not feeling chipper can be rather difficult. Sure – you can try tickling them, promising them their favorite treat or a date with their favorite celebrity, but there are some people who won’t crack a smile, no matter how hard you try. If you own this digital mirror, then you won’t need to persuade your subject as it’ll make them smile […]

Taste Virtual Food With Your Tongue With This Simulator
When shoppers be shopping, they tend to try on different outfits, poke various mobile devices and smell various vomit-inducing colognes and perfumes. Online shopping is becoming more and more popular though the more online retailers allow you to get a sample of their wares, such as digital books, music and even some applications. You can soon online grocery stores to the list of places where you can sample their goods.

Summer Camp For Adults Wants You To Ditch Your Technology For The Weekend
Right this minute, you’re most likely reading this article on a device that is connected to the Internet which is also most likely performing a number of other tasks such as checking your emails, receiving instant messages and maybe some other background tasks. But what if you needed a break from all of the technology that surrounds you and get back to the basics one weekend at a time? That’s […]

Boogie Board aims to replace your blackboard
Everyone knows chalkboards are cool to have, but if you’re not a fan of having to constantly air out your room due to the chalk dust from the board, you usually end up not using it at all. Well, the folks over at Boogie Board have come up with a solution to the problem. Called the Boogie Board writing tablet, this tablet is essentially a functional, healthier version of the […]


Samsung Smart TVs used to show off famous artworks in Seoul
Technology usually means out with the old and in with the new. In this case, we have Smart TVs from Samsung replacing the artwork of famous artists in South Korea. In the first exhibition of its kind in the world, the Hangaram Art Museum at the Seoul Art Center will be hosting an exhibit called “Les Chefs-d’oeuvre du musée d’Orsay á Séoul”.

Photojojo waterproof camera is pretty cheap
If you’re off to the seaside for vacation or just a day trip, you might not want to bring your shiny new SLR in case it gets wet, damaged, or covered in sand. But if you really want to take some photographs, and having fun in the water as well, you have the choice of either investing in a pricey waterproof camera – or you can obtain a budget-lover’s delight […]

Zoomy Handheld Digital Microscope is suitable for kids
We all know how much fun it is to stick objects under a microscope, but those things cost a lot and they aren’t exactly child-friendly. But if you have a young scientist at home who is keen on studying small objects, it’s better to look for an alternative solution. We’ve covered alternative microscopes in the past, i.e. the iPhone microscope, but what if you don’t have an iPhone around the […]

Aptito Digital Menus makes dining a hi-tech experience
Aptito has just announced the launch of the world’s very first entirely digital menus. The next time you enter a restaurant for a meal, you might not have to order food from a regular paper menu or have the waiter to recite what today’s specials are. Instead, you’ll be given a tablet with digital menu software.Aptito digital menus are touted as the next evolutionary step for restaurants that are seeking […]

Mac OS X Lion to be distributed through the Mac App Store?
When Mac users decide to upgrade their operating systems to OS X Lion later this year, it looks like they might not have to drive out to their favorite software retailer to get their hands on the upgrade disc. According to some rumors, the Mac OS X Lion update will be released to the public via the Mac App Store. If this turns out to be true, it means there’s […]

Desktop Photo to Digital Picture Converter preserves your memories digitally
If you’ve got a large stack of old photographs that you’d like to convert into digital pictures, scanning them with a conventional scanner is going to take a lot of time. This is where the Desktop Photo to Digital Picture Converter comes in. Essentially, it is just a digital camera with a tray, and instead of scanning your old photographs, the Converter snaps a picture of the photograph using a […] lets you easily publish your own iPad book or magazine
If you have an idea for a fantastic book or a magazine and are looking to dip your toes in the world of digital publishing, you might want to give the iPad a shot. has just added an iPad publishing solution to their list of iOS templates in their app building software. iBuildApp, a program used to aid non-coders in publishing their own book or magazine app has been […]

US digital music files sales to surpass CD sales in 2012
Strategy Analytics has made an interesting prediction about the sales of digital music files in the US. According to their latest reports, sales of digital music files in the US will overtake CD sales for the very first time next year. Sales of CDs have slowly been declining over the years, while sales of digital music files have been climbing. The fact that single track downloads are expected to dominate […]

American Express Serve: the next generation digital payment platform
American Express has just announced the launch of Serve, “the next generation digital payment platform.” Similar to how PayPal works, Serve acts as a middleman for consumers to purchase things online and offline – the catch is that the merchants need to accept American Express cards. Through Serve, users without credit cards or are unwilling to publish their card details online will find Serve highly convenient. Serve doesn’t have any […]

Chumby8 digital photo frame announced
Chumby has just announced the release of their next generation Chumby digital photo frame, the Chumby8. What sets the Chumby8 apart from other digital photo frames is that instead of only serving up photographs, the Chumby8 also has the ability to connect to the internet (through WiFi), run apps, as well as play music. Over 1,500 free apps have been made available for the Chumby8, letting users personalize the photo […]

SensoGlove – the world's first digital golf glove
Golfing enthusiasts who are keen on improving their game but want to do so without being humiliated by a trainer, now have a solution in the form of the world’s first digital golf glove. Called the SensoGlove, this smart glove does all it can to ensure you have the perfect grip on your golf club before you even take a swing. Smart sensors on the glove monitor your grip pressure […]

Infrared paintings that can only be seen through a digital camera
Two Toronto-based artists have come up with a new way to express art on canvas. Their new series of paintings called Take a Picture might look like a series of blank canvases to the naked eye, but when you pull out your camera and look at the canvases through its screen, you’ll find out that they aren’t so blank after all. Trickey? Or Technology? Well, the artists explained how their […]

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX77 has a makeup studio
Panasonic has released a new digital camera that aims to take back the market share that’s been replaced by phone cameras with apps. The Lumix DMC-FX77 has a special feature that isn’t present in most cameras. It has the ability to let you edit (in this case we say “photoshop”) a person’s face directly on the camera itself. Using face recognition technology, the camera helps you to edit your photographs […]

Philips to turn your iPhones and iPads into digital audio recorders
Philips has just announced that they will be releasing a recording app for the iPhone and iPad. All users need to do is run the app and they’ll have a fully functional wireless digital dictation recorder that works seamlessly with their SpeechExec Enterprise suite. Through the app, users can record, edit and send dictation files directly from their mobile devices. The app can automatically upload recorded files to the internet […]

Convert your negatives and slides into digital photographs with the iConvert
If you’ve been a photographer before you owned a DSLR, I’m pretty sure you must have amassed a huge collection of negatives – especially if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t like to throw things away just because you might have a need for it in the future. Well fret not, a solution is here. Called the iConvert, this useful gadget should be a must-have for all you folks […]

The Samsung ST6500 was designed for your hands
Samsung has just launched the ST6500 which has a unique shape that makes it stand out from the crowd. It is designed with its body is curved around the lens and angled at 7 degrees so that it fits more comfortably in your hands. And we all know that a camera that fits well in a users hands leads to more confident and better shots. In addition to its ergonomic […]