nfc-libraryWhen it comes to NFC technology, it seems that the practical uses for it have yet to hit the users’ mainstream consciousness in a big way. Some of us would figure out that Android Beam, contactless payments as well as NFC smart tags being technology that could very well change the way we use smartphones in the future, but it seems that there is far more room than that to extend the potential of NFC support in everyday life. For instance, this particular library over in Japan has worked with Fujitsu in order to add NFC badges to its shelves, so that it will be a whole lot easier for ordinary folks to obtain information in a jiffy about a given title – all thanks to the assistance via an NFC-capable smartphone or tablet. I wonder whether the Dewey Decimal System will be rendered obsolete just yet, but perhaps it will still take some time as not all smartphones released come with NFC support.


So far, this particular library has approximately a century of NFC tags installed all over the place, and it goes without saying that the number is tipped to grow in due time. With the NFC tag, users can access details concerning a particular tome almost instantly before borrowing it. This is to encourage folks to locate the right book prior to borrowing it, of course, and Fujitsu hopes that they will be able to promote this NFC-enabled information platform in over 500 other libraries across Japan. [Press Release (Japanese)]

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