Bose A20 Aviation Headset offers top notch audio quality

Bose is a name that is often synonymous with quality, so it is no surprise to hear that its A20 Aviation Headset is the best performing and most advanced aviation headset to date, bundling in several proprietary technologies to function in tandem with one another, delivering a slew of performance benefits that weren’t available till now. It is a culmination of three decades of ongoing Bose research in noise reduction technology, where it was specially engineered to deliver significantly greater noise reduction despite being in loud environments, doing so with improved comfort.


Apart from clear audio reproduction, you will also enjoy Bluetooth connectivity, auxiliary audio input, and priority switching of audio sources. Powered by a couple of AA batteries while tipping less than 12 ounches, the Bose A20 Aviation Headset will come with a 5 year warranty and meets or exceeds all FAA/EASA TSO C139 (Technical Standard Order) requirements. You can opt to bring home this Aviation Headset X replacement for $1,095, although if you think that you won’t need Bluetooth connectivity, it is slightly cheaper at $995. Bear in mind that this caters mainly to pilots, and if you want a great sounding pair of headphones for home theater use, you might want to look at other models which Bose has on offer.[Press Release]

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