Clearwire iSpot hacked not too soon after release

Clearwire’s iSpot has been hacked just a week after its release. This 4G WiMAX mobile router was originally an Apple-only device, connecting up to eight Apple devices to it, where website has been configured to generate an unlocked custom configuration profile which can then be loaded onto your iSpot. This profile allows you to hook up any Wi-Fi enabled device to the iSpot when loaded, apart from Apple device support, of course. The unlocking method is so easy that you won’t need a doctorate degree or speak codes in your dreams to perform, making the $25 monthly subscription fee sound like a steal, considering you get unlimited 4G data. Great for folks who stay in WiMAX blanketed areas, another method which skips messing around with the iSpot’s configuration file would be to spoof the MAC address of your machine in order to have it match an Apple device. Bear in mind that this can and will most likely void your warranty as well as your service plan with Clearwire.

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