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DISH Network Issues Statement On Sprint Lawsuit
DISH Networks issues a statement on recent Sprint lawsuit.

Sprint Sues Dish Network And Clearwire
Sprint attempts to block Dish's acquisition of Clearwire.

Sprint And Softbank Promise Not To Use Chinese Equipment, Will Replace Huawei Products In Clearwire's Portfolio
Chinese brands such as Huawei and ZTE have managed to get a reputation as being able to produce somewhat decently specced handsets and devices at affordable prices. However at the same time both companies have also managed to gain the reputation of not being trustworthy, at least that what the US congressional committee seems to think with their report from back in 2012. At the same time, The Wall Street […]

Sprint to pay Clearwire $120 million breakup fee if deal falls through
The other it was reported that Sprint would buy out remaining Clearwire shares that it did not own for $2.2 billion, giving Sprint full control over the company. Naturally with such high stakes and a huge amount of money in place, Clearwire needs some sort of guarantee that the deal will go through, or at least get compensated if it doesn’t, and Sprint has revealed that they will be paying […]


Sprint to acquire Clearwire for $2.2 billion
Earlier today we reported on how Softbank had capped Sprint’s bid on the acquisition of Clearwire, reportedly only allowing Sprint to offer a maximum amount of $2.97 per share to purchase the remaining shares in Clearwire that they currently do not own. Well it looks like the $2.97 cap was met as Sprint has announced that they would be acquiring the remaining shares in Clearwire, giving them 100% control, for […]

Softbank caps Sprint's bid on Clearwire
As some of you guys have heard, Japanese carrier Softbank is looking to acquire a 70% control in Sprint. At the same time it seems that Sprint is also interested in acquiring Clearwire, whom Sprint currently owns 50.45% in. According to reports, Sprint is said to be offering Clearwire $2.90 per share in order to buy out the remaining shares in the company, but according to Clearwire shareholders, $2.90 is […]

Clearwire announces 4G LTE network
Everybody is jumping onto the LTE bandwagon. Verizon started it late last year, and AT&T announced its plans earlier this year, now we have one more LTE network popping up – this time it’s from Clearwire, the folks that introduced the nation’s first “4G” network with WiMAX back in 2009. This announcement comes after successful completion of its 4G technology trials that were said to bring download speeds exceeding 120 […]

Clearwire, Comcast and Sprint Expand Bay Area 4G Network
Folks living in the Bay Area and weren’t able to receive a good signal from the Clearwire 4G network will be glad to hear the good news. Clearwire, Comcast and Sprint have announced an expansion of the Clearwire 4G network footprint and key capacity upgrades for mobile broadband customers in the greater Bay Area including the East Bay. The CLEAR, XFINITY Internet 2go and Sprint 4G service area now covers […]

Sony Ericsson sues Clearwire over similar-looking logo
In our weekly installment of ridiculous lawsuits (no it’s not a weekly thing but it sure seems like these things happen often enough) we have Sony Ericsson taking Clearwire to court. It appears that Sony Ericsson is concerned that Clearwire’s logo looks too much like their own. Maybe I can’t see it because I’m familiar with both companies but for Sony Ericsson to bring it up, it feels like a […]

Clearwire video shows off LTE download and upload speeds
Clear boasts of their LTE connectivity in this video of their download and upload speeds, where multiple independent tests managed to hit 90 Mbps downloads as well as 30 Mbps when uploading. Of course, do bear in mind that this was tested on a network that has just a couple of people or so connected to it, but it does highlight the potential of what 20 MHz wide channels is […]

Clearwire Ships Clear 4G Modem With Wi-Fi
Clearwire users looking to hook up a few more devices to the speedy network might want to take a peek at the Clear 4G Modem with Wi-Fi that is being shipped at the moment. It allows users to link their Wi-Fi-connected devices to Clear’s 4G network, offering wireless download speeds between 3 and 6Mbps. The device offers 802.11n wireless connectivity, though it wasn’t mentioned how many devices are allowed to […]

Clearwire Throttling Data Speeds Of Home WiMAX Users?
Bandwidth throttling is rarely a happy subject when it’s brought up and now complaints are going around claiming that Clear WiMAX customers have noticed that their bandwidth has been throttled from 10MBps to around 0.25Mbps (depending on the complaint) after consuming between 7GB and 10GB a month, which is a rather low bandwidth limit if you do any kind of media streaming. There are claims that this is due to […]

Clearwire Launches WiMAX Roaming Day Pass In Japan
Clearwire has announced a partnership with UQ Communications of Japan, launching 4G roaming services, allowing its customers the ability to sign-up for a Day Pass and use unlimited WiMAX data on their notebooks while travelling throughout covered markets in Japan and the US. Clearwire and UQ already offer 4G services in their domestic markets and Clearwire customers in Japan will be able to pick up a UQ WiMAX Day Pass […]

Clear Lighting Up LA, NYC With 4G Pre-Launch
While 4G Wi-Max isn’t officially rolled out yet in Los Angeles nor New York, residents of either metropolitan domains can still access Clear’s infrastructures through a soft launch. This early pre-launch will give limited access, in terms of speeds, to customers toting an EVO 4G or Epic 4G on Sprint to the 4G network while more infrastructure is being added to accommodate the densely populated cities.

Clearwire announces Rover Puck service
Want to pay only for what you need? Then the Rover Puck service from Clearwire ought to do the trick, as this pay-as-you-go model is now available. The Rover Puck is a device which is capable of linking a number of WiFi-enabled devices to a WiMax signal, and Clearwire is also more than willing to extend their prepaid hotspot service for other cellular providers – regardless of whether they’re outside […]

Clearwire iSpot hacked not too soon after release
Clearwire’s iSpot has been hacked just a week after its release. This 4G WiMAX mobile router was originally an Apple-only device, connecting up to eight Apple devices to it, where website has been configured to generate an unlocked custom configuration profile which can then be loaded onto your iSpot. This profile allows you to hook up any Wi-Fi enabled device to the iSpot when loaded, apart from Apple device […]

Clearwire 4G iSpot Personal Hotspot Offers Support For Apple Mobile Devices
Clearwire is probably trying to ride on the wave of popularity of Apple’s devices as the company has come up with the iSpot personal hotspot which is basically a 4G portable router that claims to offer support for Apple’s products. That being said, the device basically functions like your regular MiFi device, allowing up to eight devices to hook up to this 4G Wi-Fi router, which doesn’t necessarily need any […]