EFO Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

Have you seen a wired Bluetooth-enabled keyboard before? Neither have we, which is why we took the liberty of shortening EFO’s latest device, the Mini Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard to just the Mini Bluetooth Keyboard. For $32, you get a credit card sized keyboard which will be able to see action with the iPad, iPhone or other Bluetooth-enabled smartphones. Of course, this would come in handy if you have yet to master the art of the virtual keyboard. The $32 price point is promotional, as it will bounce back to $40 once shipment commences from early September onwards. It does make one wonder though – if you needed to purchase this to use with your touchscreen phone, why not just pick up a handset that has a built-in QWERTY keyboard in the first place? That way, you save the trouble of carrying around another device on the go.

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