New LG 3D HDTVs feature Magic Wand remote

Hillcrest Labs’ patented Freespace in-air pointing and motion control technology will see action in LG’s first 3D-ready, Internet-connected HDTV which will be shipping in South Korea first, followed by a global release in due time. Known as the “Magic Wand” remote, it will work in tandem with LG’s new INFINIA line of LED LCD HDTVs. These new INFINIA models are the first to utilize LG’s unique “Magic Wand” remote control system, where it will be able to bring together Internet-based applications, TV menus and embedded games among others using nothing but simple hand motions in order to manipulate your on-screen cursor on the TV. Not only does it boast a high resolution, the Magic Wand is also able to work from any position thanks to its orientation compensation technology. [Press Release]

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