VeloMini is a folding electric bicycle

Folding bicycles we know, but electric-powered ones? The VeloMini fits such a description, being a light-weight folding electric bike that comes with a 180 watt brushless hub motor which will be able to move you around at a top speed of 12mph, and whenever you prefer to use your two legs to walk, you can always fold it down to a compact 18″ tall form factor which will be able to fit into a case that is no larger than a regular guitar case. What powers the VeloMini? It will have a 24v, 6AH lithium-ion battery which takes around 3 hours of direct connection to a power outlet to juice itself up, and riders can choose from standard pedal power, playing with a throttle like a moped or rely on the pedal assist mode to amplify the pedaling power of the rider. Carrying it around will help you develop muscles as well, since it tips the scales at 14kg. The VeloMini will appeal to those with a heart for the environment, but the $995 price point could prove to be a hurdle for some.

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