ABC iPad App Uses Microphone to Synchronize App with What You're Watching

ABC’s iPad app is using the device’s hardware feature–specifically the iPad’s microphone–to detect where in the TV show a user is to offer synchronous content on the iPad, such as polls, extras, and more. Because the app uses the microphone rather than complicated digital or geolocation algorithms, it doesn’t matter where the user is watching the show or if it’s being watched at a later time and date than the broadcast; the content on the iPad would always synchronize with where users are on the show. Though the content synchronization is only available for the show “My Generation,” ABC is hoping to leverage the iPad to create an interactive experience and the technology and ideas from this experience could be ported to other shows as well according to Wired. Additionally, this interactivity would help the network maintain user’s attention as most TV watchers already multitask when they’re watching a show–why not have them multitask with the show on a secondary screen?

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