AiRScouter Futuristic Head-mounted Display

When Apple called its new display the Retina Display, it hinted that the display was a high-resolution one, but the folks over at Brother have come up with something that might want to use that term too. We’re talking about the AiRScouter, which is a fancy-looking head-mounted Retinal Imaging Display, capable of projecting images directly onto the retina, making users think that the images are floating right in front of their eyes. Users will get the impression that they’re looking at a 800 x 600 pixel 16-inch display that’s one meter away from their eyes. The company imagines the AirScouter being used for industrial applications, possibly in conjunction with a wireless video transmitter, GPS, or augmented reality technology, before making it into the consumer market. Maybe in the future we’ll be using an AiRScouter to play video games. Video of it in action after the jump.

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