samsung-flexibleFlexible displays in smartphones are not a new idea, although they have yet to be properly implemented in a consumer class smartphone to date. Concepts of flexible displays on a smartphone from Samsung have been shown off in the past, while it has also been rumored that Samsung and LG will launch flexible display smartphones some time next month, which is why we are excited to bring you word that whispers have been going around on the street that Samsung has started to develop a flexible display which could actually extend over the edges of the chassis.

In a nutshell, having a full wrap-around screen would translate to a smartphone that does not come with any bezel at all, leaving you with all the more areas to touch, not to mention a truly peerless viewing experience. This particular rumor hails from supply chain sources, and who better than them to come up with dirty little secrets from the belly of the mobile industry?

It has also been mentioned that the prototype is currently being tested, where it intends to study the feasibility of doing away with physical buttons such as the lock/power key, using virtual keys that are shown off on the screen which have been extended over to the side. One does wonder, though, when the device is truly out of juice, how then, can one access the virtual lock/power key?

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