Card 2.0 by Dynamics: Next Generation Payment Card

[DEMOFall 2010] Dynamics is launching its patented Card 2.0 integrating several chips that power the Electronic Stripe: “the world’s first”* fully card-programmable magnetic stripe which is compatible with existing card readers. With this technology, multiple applications can be developed, Dynamics are demonstrating two examples at DEMO:

MultiAccount (picture on the left):

By pressing one of the two buttons on the card, consumers can select the account they want to use. A light indicates which account is on and the magnetic-stripe information associated with the selected account is written on the Electronic Stripe., ten the card can be swiped in any magnetic tripe reader.

Hidden (picture right):

This one is very cool, it will surely a lot more security against credit card number theft. The display on the card hides a portion of the card number, to make it appear and turn the card ON, the cardholder enters its unlocking code using the 5 buttons on the face of the card. The Electronic Stripe is then populated with the account information needed to be read by standards readers. The displays tunrs OFF after some times and the information contained in the Electronic Stripes is erased.

No information could be shared by Dynamics about the companies and banks that will carry Card 2.0, announcements will be made by the end of the year.More info on the product page:

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