LG A510 offers stereoscopic 3D in premium notebook format

Stereoscopic 3D is big – so huge that it has made its way to TVs and projectors. Now, it is available on notebooks as well, with LG delivering 3D viewing on their A510. While it is not the first in the world, it has been touted to be the first premium notebook to deliver cinematic 3D experience at near Full HD quality. To do this, you get a 15.6-inch Full HD 3D LED LCD display, an Intel Core i7 processor and a 1GB Nvidia GeForce GT 425M graphics card. LG has also made sure to include TriDef software that will convert 2D into 3D content on demand, letting you see upconverted shoes and movies right out of the box. At least LG has the decency to include a pair of polarized glasses for easier portability to get you started, while clip-on 3D lenses have been thrown into the mix for regular folks who wear glasses. With blue-black and champagne gold color compinations to choose from, it will hit Asia, South America, the Middle East and Africa from next month onwards. Hey, what about us living Stateside?

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