MonkeyBrains Wireless ISP Offers Fast Connectivity For $40/month

The son of Sci-Fi author Rudy Rucker has partnered with a clever crew to come up with the creatively-named MonkeyBrains wireless ISP service that provides Wi-Fi connections in the San Francisco area, providing a 10-30Mbps connectionto users at $40/month. MonkeyBrains guarantees users at least 10Mbps symmetrical and most customers see 15-20Mbps or even 25-30Mbps on a good connection. According to an employee, the speed depends on the company’s backhaul connection, which is currently in the process of being upgraded, after which connection speeds of 30Mbps or more should be common. You’ll need to fork out $250 to install the required antenna in order to enjoy this service, but MonkeyBrains currently has offers of a few free months of service to compensate for the initial setup.

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