DaCast aims to help video content producers monetize their work

There are many ways to stream (commercial) live video over the internet. Services like UStream or JustinTV have existed for years. Yet, they don’t provide an answer to most people or organizations that want to monetize their video content. The reason is simple: most video streaming platforms provide the infrastructure and bandwidth to their users, but they often don’t help with the actual advertising sales. Also, Advertising purchasers often prefer to buy only from the biggest content producers. It’s less paperwork anyway. The bottom-line is that small players are squeezed out of the game.

DaCast aims at changing this by doing to sales footwork for its users. By identifying clear marketable channels (Politics, Faith, Education, Sports, Music…) and by using a self-service approach, DaCast is setting itself to be something like Blogger and Adsense (at once) for smaller video content producers.

DaCast aims to help video content producers monetize their work
DaCast willhandle the ad sales

At the moment , DaCast has managed to interest advertisers – we have created a test account and there were indeed ads (pre-roll, mid-roll, banner…) in our test video. By attracting more users, DaCast can not only attract more video ad buyers, but also increase the average selling price for all its users. Besides the advertising model, producers can also opt for a subscription or Pay-Per-View model, which could work well for local sports games that are not typically covered live by mainstream media, for example.

DaCast aims to help video content producers monetize their work
Using a PPV model is also an option if you have the proper content to generate sales

With this service, pretty much anyone can setup a virtual TV station with a very low barrier of entry and what seems to be a much better shot at monetizing content. DaCast is a new player in this field, so they have to prove that their model actually works, but in the meantime, there aren’t many competitors (if any) that solves this particular set of problems, so content producers might want to take alook.

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