Details of Palm Pre 2 leaked?

Every single day, we do cover concepts, actual hard facts as well as something that most people would enjoy – rumors. Sweet, sweet rumors of new gadgets that tickle the imagination. Well, French carrier SFR is the latest “culprit” to roll out more information on the upcoming Palm Pre 2 smartphone, which could very well prove to be a confirmation that a smartphone of its caliber is already on the way. What will this second iteration of the Pre 2 bring? Well, for starters it will be able to keep up with the other smartphones thanks to a 1GHz processor, accompanied by 512MB RAM, the long awaited webOS 2.0 operating system and a flatter display – guess you can kiss the curves on the current Pre goodbye then. Another interesting feature that might capture your attention would be “Push” in webOS 2.0 – SFR shed some light by saying it is related to Facebook and involves the pushing of messages, events, wall posts and chat straight onto your device. Expect an improved battery life to come along with the Pre 2. We sure hope we can see it hit the market in time for the holiday season, as Windows Phone 7 handsets have already rolled out today.

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